Another National Championship Brought Back To Michigan!

Back To Back! Respect!!


Wyandotte’s Polish Roman Catholic Union (PRCU) basketball team Pound Town Express just brought back yet another PRCU National Championship this Spring, making it Back To Back PRCU National Championships. The 2013 PRCU National Championships was held in Buffalo New York this Spring and brought out some of the best hoops talent in the nation with teams consisting of beaucoup rosters of great talent including lots of former college players and even some top talent players from overseas pro ball. All of the games in this double elimination tournament were highly competitive and exciting, with top talent skills, huge athleticism and tough physical play all on display. In the Finals, Wyandotte’s Pound Town Express beat Polish Hammer out of East Chicago IL in an thriller overtime game behind Daniel Budzyn’s 17 hard fought points to win the coveted PRCU National Championship.

Members of the PRCU National Champion Wyandotte Pound Town Express team are:

Jake Grabowski
Mickey Bozymowski
Ryan Mahalak
John Bobrowski
Charles Hutson
Andrew VanDeirenDonck
Daniel Budzyn
Joshua Barry
Thomas Rudy
Brian Fricke

Daniel Budzyn and Andrew VanDeirenDonck made the PRCU National Tourney All Star Team and Andrew VanDeirendonck was selected the PRCU National Tournament MVP! OUTSTANDING! To savor the full tourney article and two photos of the team go the following link and scroll down to page 12:

PRCU National Championship Article

So there’s yet another reason that statewide hoops fans in the know know that Wyandotte is considered the Mecca of Basketball in the State of Michigan. The only question now is will Wyandotte three-peat as the PRCU National Champions in the Spring of 2014?! Cast your vote:

Will Wyandotte Threepeat In 2014 As PRCU National Champions?

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